Free Google Site: The Marquee

Google Site website design for free

Hey there! I have been working on a little project the last 10 hours to help those of you who are new to web design. I created this site specifically to show you how to use the features inside of google sites. :) This site was inspired by wireframe and although it's a blank template - I love the look of it.

The web design is free for anyone who wants to use it! just be sure to give credit where credit is due.

The first 4 marquees are clickable to the google site pages they are attached to. The home page is full page embed I created using HTML and CSS only. All other pages are google site pages. I am working on a Google Site home page in a similar style - but it will not feature the marquee.

This design is free but please understand this - I am a full time web designer - meaning this is my job. I'll help you if I can - should you get stuck - but research is the most important part of web design. So as my generation loves to remind people, " Google that s$%*".

Unlike my templates sold in my shop - no instructions will be included with this . As with all my sites I do include a readme page which will help you with getting started. But I can't teach you HTML Goodluck to you all!

Here's the download! Instructions listed below. :)

View the HTML on Codepen -