The Sieara Project

My sister Sieara was a really amazing person. She would give her last to anyone in need. In the spirit of giving I'd like to share my HTML codes for making your Google Site better. Most codes can be found online if you know where to look, but you'd still need to know how to resize them for google sites.

I honestly get tired of seeing developers charging an arm and leg for simple codes. A responsive website that looks great shouldn't be difficult. Share knowledge and grow💕. If you'd like to share your code with others who aren't tech-savvy, visit the contact page.

The Little "Big" Sister.

Sieara Taylor was my 4'11 97lb sister (soaking wet). She was small, but man she was fearless. She passed away surrounded by love. She passed away in ICU room 9. She passed away with a pain scale set at 10. She passed away over ten years ago when we buried my niece.

She battled demons like everybody else. If you truly knew her as I did then you know what killed her. Her life was tragic - a lifetime movie wouldn't even do it justice.

She LOVED the beach.

She LOVED Golden Girls.

She LOVED the movie Beaches.

She LOVED everyone.

She was intense. She had various personality disorders. She would call me and say, "Chels, I love you, sis you know how to calm me down. You the real Kumbaya type." Or call me just to tell me she watching Beaches or Golden Girls and would be singing off key. We've known for a long time my sister needed help. I regret not answering my phone for her too often because I knew she would pass one day if she didn't get help.

Her death is something all too common. A person battling mental illness and falling down into the cracks of a broken system that would rather discard people than help them.

She was a friend to many. A mother. A sister. A soul sister. A wife. A daughter. A granddaughter. A cousin. A niece. She was a Golden Girl.

I'm not the religious type, and if you knew her - she wasn't really, but at the same time, she was. I believe that her life here on Earth was hell, and she deserved the best damn heaven possible, surrounded by her favorite people at her favorite place - the beach. Somewhere out there is my sister making a fuss laughing, and being goofy. That's what matters. She was Sieara, and she will be missed greatly.

Sieara feeding her sister Chelsea

Sieara and her two surviving children Julyan and Olivea

Sieara and her Son Julyan

Sieara and her daughter Olivea

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